Tuesday, 16 September 2008

poohmes vs witwimes?

One of my all time heroines has to be Sue Blackmore....

Know her?


Get the general idea?

Well, having seen her in action on a lecture stage and having spoken to her, I can understand why Memetics may be seen as a force to be conjured with. She is a fabulous instrument of transmission for any kind of information. What's more, I want her hair; but haven't yet assimilated the correct meme for courage!

As a student of religious studies, I have to take this memetic aspect of information transmission seriously. It isn't hard and makes perfect sense - to me...

I have a theory of my own - bear with me. Yep, I meant that.

When I look at my friends and try to evaluate what 'take' they have on their own world and religious reality, it strikes me often that they fall into two camps. (I am aware that this may also be entirely generational...do kids read books now, or are they only subject to Temes???...).

I think, within my mates, that I can detect two predominant mindsets - and I know that although this is clearly a very, very (very, very), small sample of humanity; there are those of us who's world perspective and resultant logic is purely Poohish and another lot who show signs of being deeply Wind in the Willowsish.

In my case, I was 'infected' at such a very young age, that the Poohmes got hold of my innermost being - influencing my every thought and therefore infesting my physical, spiritual and psychological character to boot.

I know this theory to be totally true as I am manifestly an empty vessel - much like a 'hunny pot' after lunch. A good place therefore, for thoughts and 'thunks' to swill around in while being open a bit at the top - so that 'thinks' and thunks' get to escape again. It's a pretty random happening.

I have found.....that 'thunks' only escape from the memory, after swirling around a little. But possibly only really truly escaping after sticking a very little bit to the 'thinks' that have been left behind since the last time they were 'thunked'.

Besides all this, like Piglet, I have a very small head and must therefore have also inherited the perfekt Wol spelling meme as part of the 'Poohme' infestation. (Even tho I was initially infected by 'Boomes' [book memes???]that ought - one would have thought - to carry a viral attack of perfek grammar).

My friends - the real ones, who are therefore similarly infected - but with the alternative 'Witwimemes' - show different deep-thought characteristics. But I am sorry I can't 'thunk' quite what these deep-thoughts might be replicating or even believing in.

I can only guess that they (the replicated characteristics) might have proved to be too complicated for my 'hunny-pot' to capture - moreover, piper's anywhere - especially at the gates of dawn only act to frighten small-headed people like me - I am easilly confused to the point of memingless drivel.

Besides which, it's now time for a snack - which I need....if you have paid any attention to 'Pooh-logic'....parti-qu-lar-ly often.

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Charles Cowling said...

Antler, you have strayed deliciously close to the line which separates genius from, um, altered consciousness. I know this is genius even though I can't get my had around it on two readings -- and because I don't know what the witwi type is. I'll have to re-read it. Thank you for bringing an inspirational fizz to my day. I'll come back to this. For now, Antler, thank you for the reminder that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophy! Oh, and thank you for Sue, too. I'll be following here up, 'n' all.