Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Meaning of Death...

I just thought I ought to balance the last post with something pertinent to the subject in hand.

You know, of course, that this is clearly a real event from "The Meaning of Life"
- docupython style don't you?

But for those who are still puzzled, you needn't be. This clip is exactly what it says on the opening credits. Moreover, having studied the work of Mr Grim Reaper, up close and personally, for several years, I think I do detect his real - true-to-life - biographical this little fillum.

Now you have watched and learned, I hope you found everything instructifying and re-assuring. Petrolheads amongst you ought to be particularly pleased to know the truth.

However, my tip for today is most certainly to avoid the Salmon Mousse!

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Annie Wicking said...

Wow, that's brighten my day, Thank you. Monty Python the best.