Wednesday, 24 September 2008

An argument I really wish I had won....

I have quite strong views when it comes to talking about my work.

I talk around it but not often about it - except in defense.

As a member of my institute, I have various statements or promises that I endeavour to keep. We all should. It's only fair. Especially where 'the media' are concerned...a slippery bunch - on the whole.

In the dim and distant past - when I was working and not studenting and sitting on my bum reading, a film crew visited our company. They were from the local University - which apparently had/has a very good reputation for turning out media graduates.

They wanted to make a documentary all about funerals...

I made a stand and declared that I wasn't going to be filmed in the embalming theatre and they could interview me about my job in the sitting room....that was it.

My boss and I had a row.

I refused to budge. But somehow during the course of the day, she managed to manouver things so that I was told to go and do a sound check while the film crew took some shots inside the theatre.

How bloody nieve was I?

They got me talking....and before long it dawned on me that the very worst situation was unfolding. There I was, walking around in my day clothes and the red-light was on the camera.

I asked later when they were going to do my interview. I was told that they already had.

I was furious. Incandescent with rage (that's when my nose goes red). I was especially angry with my boss - who had clearly given permission for them to film me like that. I felt really betrayed. Another huge row happened but I was just seen as obstructive and difficult....Moi?

Some months later, a copy of the film was delivered to the premises.

No one ever got to see it.

It vanished.


Mrs. Hall said...

So-your nose is like Rudolph's?

Seriously though. Very interesting blog. It is nice to have another health care professional in my followers.


Mrs. Hall

Fi said...

Best laugh I have had for ages - I can't imagine where that video went!!!
Hope uni went well - I think you will be getting home soon .. as I head off for another day.