Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I found this clip...and then had to manage to overcome the 'Poohemes' and work out how to post it.
It had me rolling around in mirth. I just love this team of people. However I can't help casting John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in everything else he does.

Where was I? A clip was about birth, surely - that's the wrong end of the story!


I am now the proud owner of a new shiny University card (sporting a hideous photo). Not only that, but I have an NUS (National Union of Students) card to pick up - next time I go to campus. The photo on that one is worse, but the prospect of money off books might coax it out of my wallet - every now and then!!!

Logged into the system and fired up. My tutor is enthusiastic, supportive and awake -I just have to rev up the brain cell, re-learn how to write in 'academic-speak' and prepare to wear my reading glasses a lot, lot more.

MA here I come.....the plan is to convert eventually to MPhil then PhD.
Not bad for a gal who left school at 16 with not much in the way of qualifications or hope. For me, it's the very best way of entering my 50th birthday month and the most fabulous present that my 'Ancestors' could ever have given me.

Death has done me proud - they died - bless 'em and I have thrived - I have, I hope, been positive about being the only one left plodding the earth.

I have taken time to think, time to grow and time to explore the wonderful opportunities I have been given. I never dreamed such things were possible for me. What blessings!

I recon they look proudly down every now and again and smile on me...
or should that be...look up?

I buried some of 'em if I remember rightly - didn't I!



Miranda said...

I just LOVE your blog.

Mrs. Hall said...


I used this clip on my blog!

who used it first anyway?

Mrs. Hall

Antler said...

It was YOU!

I Ping-ched it.....