Friday, 19 June 2009


I have just been to a funeral.......
It was a Co-Op one and I was told off!

However, the cortege arrived nearly 30 minutes late to the church and the person sitting next to me was wondering if the FD had managed to get them out of the house.

My reply was that if that was the case, they hadn't done their job correctly in the preceeding days - to support the family and prepare them for the funeral.

I was smartly told that it wasnt appropriate, moreover, that it wasn't a competition....

Little does the layman appreciate, that it is, indeed, always a 'competition' and that every step/movement/gesture and facial expression of FD and bearers is to be scrutinised by opposing funeral professionals........every time, no matter what/where/whom. It is a matter of instinct and of great interest. Perfectly natural behaviour!!!

Not only that, minute details such as the very way in which flowers are placed on top of the coffin can generate endless discussion.

I know - you will point out that I am very anti Co-Op - so would look for problems and issues regardless!

The delay was apparently due to traffic - not no family crisis on the doorstep...but hey - here I am in my posh clothes writing this, instead of going to the reception.