Thursday, 18 September 2008

boxed and not literate...

This is a lovely little word gadget......but try as I might, I can't work out how to paste it onto my sidebar. (I since have managed...I feel sooo credible now).

The instructions don't equate with my Pooh-logic. Sorry, but that's how it is.

Black boxes are interesting things. I have learned a little about them from training courses with one of the leading disaster management organisations. In aircraft, they aren't black at all - they are bright orange. Just goes to show that clearly in this case it's 'all in the name'.

Orange is one of my favorite colours. I wonder if this is why I have a leaning towards eastern religions? If it hadn't been for the threat/promise of no food after 12.00 mid-day, you might have seen me in a Buddhist robe....but hang on, the nuns wear brown at Amaravati.....I must have always imagined myself as a monk.

This whole thing about not fitting into boxes has been chasing me all my life and sometimes it has presented as a lot more than an irritation - no wonder I have been accused of being 'spiky'in the past. I have got to the stage now, where I can 'manage' the situation of not fitting in and am comfortable in the knowledge that what I think or do will most probably turn out to be the opposite - to the point of extreme - to anyone else.

I don't fit into the 'banking' system; I am under the credit 'radar'; I am married to someone of the same gender and think about death more often than is recommended in conventional Western religions. I certainly think about a personified death more than the so called modern gods and godesses of today - the 'celebrity'; 'football'; or 'fashion' icons - victims I would prefer to call them...

So there's the rub. The only box that I will ever actually fit into is probably going to be a gold leafed, feather-lined 'ecopod', check out the one on this website

So, from the Grim Reaper and ecopods to black-boxes of various hues, what a journey.

Bizarre things can happen when blogging. They are fruits of the imagination...

So, once more my friends,I have to remind you that as I haven't grasped the linkage thingy, you take your own chances as to where black-boxes send you - off a Death-site into...I wonder?

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Fi said...

I think i tend towards cremation - so the acorn option on that site appeals... but the gold leaf and the calico mattress and the appealing look of the ecopod thing would certainly tempt me, if i thought I would actually notice or care once I need one!