Monday, 8 December 2008

Reality check....

This morning, I picked up the two packs of business cards from the local printers, for 'In Toe' my new foot healthcare business...I suppose it's real because I have that familiar sinking feeling in my stomach - you know the one - when you feel as though every last drop of confidence will seep out while you turn your head to look at something else and before you know it, the plan falls flat and remains just 'an idea'......well it was a bloody expensive idea, so I'll give it my best shot and force myself into action.

I am expecting a parcel of 'goodies' to wing through the ether in the next couple of days and have a bit of electronic kit to collect from the surgical suppliers this week and when it all gets here, I will be sorted enough to at least make a start.

The 'In Toe' Patient Charter has been honed and my 'Infection Control Policy' has been written - I have still got to write more Health & Safety at Work Policies, including the essential 'Risk Assessments' - then we're off with no the dreaded meetings with local GP Practice Managers and suchlike scary official folk. In the back of my mind, I wonder if any of the rest of my class have gone into HASAW policy at all...I very much doubt it - however, my attitude is that if anyone says 'BOO' to me or complains about my business, at least I can show that I have thought about the wider picture and can look professional.....well - that's the idea.

I could be destroyed by harsh words even just the one word - so have to set my defences high!! It can't be too bad tho - other people have trodden this path, with less anatomical knowledge...and I loved clinical finals...the tutors were really pleased with my work...they were really encouraging.

So, what's my chosen logo? I know some of you were wanting to know!!

"..the blue one Basil..." of course.........That clever Ian Andrew did me proud... Now - I really do have to go out there and find patients... Don't I! Anyone got a corn - or like Sybil Fawlty, an ingrowing toenail?

Watch the first part of 'The Germans' on Utube - I have had terrible trouble uploading it!


Charles Cowling said...

Angie, you are a born worrier because you are so conscientious -- you are a perfectionist. I think your little foot biz will take off like a - a - er, a white dove at a funeral. I think you will soon be soaring -- as you richly deserve. I am certain you are brilliant. So: if there are any knockbacks, come back chuckling. All will be well. Good luck!!

Hey, I've got this dodgy toenail -- had it for years. Caused by too much running. Can you have a look at it next time we're down?

Antler said...

Running - never saw it as an attraction!!!

See you whenever...x

AND thank you for the encouragement!