Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hooray........feet over the threshold and into the swing...

I went to visit my first patient today.......MY Patient.......not anyone elses - mine and all my equipment worked, and the routine went to plan. I took the right notes in the correct order and we were both pleased.....I looked very 'fetching' in my uniform and on the whole, I am delighted with the progress of the paperwork mountain........tho I MUST do my Diabetic foot health handout and my Verruca care sheet.

Tomorrow is after all another day - the day after that is a Golf Lesson.

Tomorrow however, also brings my presentation at University about my impending essay entitled:

Fast Track to Nirvana? Discuss the concept of Nichiren Buddhism and the attainment of Enlightenment in this Lifespan. and I need to print some handouts.......

Well - it's a simple enough concept... this enlightenment thing - like the man said, the hard part is sustaining it - I recon life is just like that in all to bloody well put the 'graft' in to get anywhere!!!

However, tomorrow, on the way to university, I get to pick up my new brand spanking buzzing whizzing Vascular Doppler......there won't be a foot pulse undetected on Portland If I get my way!!!


Holly Hall said...

I can tell you this much. When I was a nurse (now I am a pyschiatric nurse practitioner) I always ALWAYS struggled with palpating pedal pulses.

It was my secret shame.

And if I would have a portable doppler, dammit, years could have been added to my life from all the stress I had over this shame.


o-do you use a dremel? If i would have stayed a nurse much longer, I would have gone into more foot care.

In fact, I did whole post on foot care, if you care to read it :)

take much care of you and good luck in your new business. There is a high demand over there I am sure!

Charles Cowling said...

HURRAH!! Well done, Ange!! You can practise your vascular doppler on me anytime!! Those island feet are going to be padding around with girt smiles on.

Good luck with the essay prezzie, 'n' all. Bit erudite for my small brane. Pass. "The temple bell stops, but the sound keeps on coming out of the flowers." That's buddhism, you know.

"Ding-dong", Leslie Phillips used to say. I don't think that's buddhism, though.

Happy days!!