Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Sometimes I get frustrated by peoples attitudes.......rarely do I get truly angry.

Today just at the moment, I am really angry. I know it will blow over, but before it does, I thought you would like to share the cause of it!

Thanks a bunch Pope and a happy Christmas to you too.

Right - that's it for now.

But as 'er Indoors says "It's all very well - but we need 'straight' people to speak out against this."

Know any?


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

yes - read this blog


"Rainforests deserve, yes, our protection, but the human being ... does not deserve it less," the pontiff said.
EeeR UUm Well how about starting with halting all war, feeding the poor, locking up the paedophiles(priests).
Doesn't the Bible say somewhere love thy neighbour?
Or does it really mean only love your neighbour if they are white,straight, and god fearing?
I disagree with what he has said.
Anyone can love who they want to love, as long as its over the age limit. End of story.

X. Piry said...

The bloke was in the Hitler Youth - 'what else can we expect from him?

When I'm feeling optimistic, I like to think that stupid comments by the pope help to devalue the church, and make people think "hang on, this bloke's talking nonsense - does that mean that other stuff he says is crap, too?".

When I'm feeling pessimistic, I worry a lot about the world, and the crowds that hang on this idiot's every word.

Keep optimistic, people, and let us all hope that common sense will prevail one day!