Saturday, 20 December 2008

Rattus Flattus......Mus Musculus!

I am just so excited!
From my sick bed I write.....

Just read Chris Quigleys Rat post......of course, we all know Americans like to 'do it big' so I don't mind - Chris has Rats in her collection and so, of course, in little Britain, I have a small version..a flat mummified mouse.......Framed, I might add, in a red velvet victorian frame.

I found my mouse under the carpet at the bottom of the stairs, when I sneaked 1/2 an hour in this house before I bought it.

Having found the mouse, I named him Cedric and promised to rescue him if he was still there when the deal went through.....he was and I did! (The carpets were all chucked in a skip...and the many mouse nests sorted. Cedrics friends have not been back to see him - to my knowledge).

Yo ho ho Chris! Meet Cedric...I did contemplate sending him to you for Christmas - but I just couldn't part with him!


Charles Cowling said...

Very sorry to hear you're ill, Antler. I hope you will soon cast aside your duvet and be restored to life.

Rat story v touching. But I'd sort of have expected you to present him in an open casket, the beneficiary of your famed restorative skills. Perhaps he was just too flat, the poor wee fellow?

Zed said...

Oh my; I thought I was the only one who framed rodents and/or horny toad lizards. I'm so happy to know you exist!