Saturday, 8 November 2008


This week brings us a week of remembering.....for me it hasn't simply been the red poppy type. More colour for me this year - or should I say several colours as 'her indoors' brought me a white 'peace' poppy to wear.....not only that, there are even more colours in my own rememberance....which always includes the strip of red white and blue ribbon that my Grandma saved from the celebrations after the 'Great War' in 1918.

Recently at university we looked at the Holocaust and somewhen today, I stumbled upon a blog site that included this photo and a poem entitled 'a rainbow of triangles'......the poem that went with the picture was really moving, but could I find the blog again - having closed the tab by mistake? No - of course not and I went there via Black-Boxes, so I was sorry as it was more than good...but by the fortune and miracle of google, I found it - 'A Rainbow of Triangles (poem) by Deborah Rey on AuthorsDen'.

Back to remembering....I am just about to go off for 2 weeks and won't be near my beloved computer - no Internet anywhere apparently, so I have been told. Therefore, having been asked to write some words for the AIDS memorial service at the end of the month, I had to finish the piece today so that the dear Pastor could arrange her service around it if necessary....or alternatively, get me to re-arrange my words around her plans!!!

Lots of memories then - losses of all kinds, war, violence and pestilence.

I led a remembrance day service at church a few years back and used coloured leaves as well as poppies to represent the 'people of the triangle' - it seemed to provoke a lot of thought and I managed to get through without crying.

I just don't know about the AIDS service this year - I am reading my piece through time and again - feeling the words, rolling them off my lips. But the memories are real and very personal - the losses were close. I suspect that tears will fall no matter how hard I rehearse.......

In the meantime - a two week period of reflection on foot anatomy with the vague possibility of a diploma at the end.....(it's the final fortnight of a diploma course that I have been placing on the back burner a little too often while studying for the more erudite university Masters course).

We shall may be tears all round......


Tessa said...

I came here from the Black Box and initially it scared the bejaysus out of me...but I feel better now, thank you. (I think white poppies should be made compulsory, frankly)

Anonymous said...


Acabo de ver tu blog.

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donde encontrarás los enlaces de todos los blogs.


Deborah Rey said...

Thank you for mentioning my poem, A Rainbow of Triangles!
My Blog is http:/

Why don't you have a look at 'The Last Plane'(prose). I think it may interest you.

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you for sharing this with us.

There are so many thing that need to be remember at a time when we are remember such a great loss of young lives from around the world as well as our own country.

best wishes.

Charles Cowling said...

That's a great poem. Thank you. Hey, we're going to miss your quirky inspiration, Antler. No more than a fortnight, mind! And if you did cry at the service -- well, that's a fine and appropriate way to commemorate with love. I know how much you did, so I hope you feel some of that love come back.

Anonymous said...

Memories are within us constantly and are something to be treasured and proud of.

Have a good trip.
CJ xx