Monday, 24 November 2008

Normal - freaky or what?

Now then folks - those of you who know me and my foibles well, will know that I always 'thank Mother' for co-incidences and parking spaces.

The last offering from 'her in heaven' came to me seconds ago when I opened my weekly email - 'Weekly Words of Wisdom chosen by Lama Surya Das - 24 November 2008‏' -The Lama who is very much alive...somewhere in America - I recently signed up for his cyber offerings.....who knows why.

This was todays email......consider carefully if you will that I have just finished writing my AIDS day memorial words for Church next Sunday...remembering folk who died at 'The Sanctuary' a hospice (no longer in existance sadly) of great worth and note in Bournemouth......and of course my recent triumph in the distal plantar anatomical the fact that I am 'married' in a civil partnership kind of way to Catherine can come to your own conclusions.

I think that Mother has shown her usual inimitable approval of what I am currently engaged in......"Thank you Mother!"

I would value your comments - but would add that she never was one to do things in half-measures!

Lama Surya Das sent:


It could be said that God’s foot is so vast
That this entire earth is but a field
On God’s toe,

And all the forests in this world
Came from the same root
Of just a single hair of God’s.

What then is not a sanctuary?
Where then can I not kneel and pray
At a shrine made holy
By God’s presence?

-- Saint Catherine of Siena


Catherine said...

Being one who has fairly recently come to learn the value of 'thanking mother', I can't help but think that she's been at it again.
She could probably also tell you what I had for lunch today and whether I let that green car into the traffic this morning.....

Antler said...

She possibly could - tho knowing her, I fear disinterest may prevent her commenting...

However - in another more quirky circumstance, such as buying the right house, she could send a bit of sheet music blowing past the door, that bore pertinent words about 'Mother....' and inhabit the building with a descendent of Jeremy Bentham...

You think I jest?

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

doo doo doo doo... and other spooky noises.
I agree.. too many coincidences..
but then I do like watching stuff on Tv like "Sensing Murder, Medium and Ghost Whispererer, so I am probably of a suggestive personality type and easily convinced of these things :)

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

hey what happened to the other footsie post about logos :(

It sits tantalisingly on my blog list... but says it has gone when i click on it
did u have a change of heart? or feet, or wherever you keep your brains

Antler said...

Ha no......just computer frustration! Wrote another.....