Sunday, 23 November 2008

feet foot footsie......

Here I am back from a cram packed fortnight of clinical practice at 'Foot College'; the culmination of many months of study and I really enjoyed myself. Whatsmore, I passed the Diploma...hooray, even more letters after my name!

While I was away, Chris Quigley sent me a little snippet of information to be getting on with.......Thanks Chris - you can always be relied on for the 'off-the-wall' medical insight.....every situation covered! Check out the link and see for yourselves what Chris supplied to foot the bill in this case.

This was not a condition we came across at college I hasten to point out! Sadly, corns; callouses; verrucae and various fungal conditions predominated...alongside some terrible toenails. A nipple may have been a little too much to handle - specially in the first week!!!!!

Back home now to concentrate on Death rites and rituals and setting up in the business of feet. Continuing with matters of the sole naturally!


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

its not often i am speechless.
Did Fergie have one on her toe?

Charles Cowling said...

By jingo it's good to have you back! All your posts come at us out of a clear blue sky, Antler. Life is so good when we know we have the wholly unexpected to look forward to. Congratulations on nailing that diploma!!

Antler said...

I am thinking of getting a virtual client base - do you think it would work as a business plan?

Hmmm - possibly not.