Wednesday, 26 November 2008

logos and things are right - I did have a post about logos and I got really frustrated with it as I couldn't post a film clip of them......
here is a taster of one that got away - that is one of the 31 possibles that the lovely Ian Andrew thought up.

At least I can upload pictures!
I chose a stunning blue foot, which I thought would go well with the slight nautical 'In-Toe' island based (all in my head of course....) kind of aspect. When I get it onto something, (like a card), I'll share it too.

I have had a good day so far - tho nothing Nichiren Essay has been achieved yet as I went down to see my friend Mick who lives in a big grey truck. He also has a very comfortable (huge) workshop that he makes things in - mostly re-cycled from drift-wood or furniture rescued from the skip/dump. An eco chap with a very kind generous heart. Someone who it is great to pop in on and drink coffee with....this morning, I found myself cooking a breakfast for myself on his camping stove. Eggs, bacon, sausage and beans...washed down with coffee (real) and plenty of conversation (also real).

On the way back, I picked up a box of fresh fruit ordered earlier in the day from the shop just down the road.....a lovely collection of goodies for us to enjoy and as I was leaving, a vast (free) bag of Jerusalem Artichokes was pushed into my hand....last time I bought some, I made soup and took the shopkeeper a mug to keep her warm!! Island life...I just love it.

Tomorrow 'Er Indoors' has to be up at 4.00am in order to catch a flight up to Scotland. That far for a day's work in the eyes of a 'recovered' Agorophobic is totally mind boggling....I am staying here to wait for the new mattress to be delivered! 2 weeks away at 'foot-school' made me realise that I don't have to wake up with back-ache every morning! I am just thankful that I could do something about it and buy an autoclave in the same week. Do you think 'Memory-Foam' works on the little grey cells as well as muscles and joints?

Here is another logo......what a joy to have such a talented friend.

Yesterday I wrote my 'Patient Charter' and started to design my brochure....the layout was quite beyond me - I can't for the life of me manipulate columns, so I will pass that job on to someone more computer literate!! ('Er Indoors' has offered -I think it was self defence more than anything).So today, it's back to Nichiren and enlightenment.....seems to be illuding me......

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