Thursday, 23 October 2008

Thanks for my 50th

Well, it's over and dusted.......or is it?
Actually, no it isn't, because on Saturday I am going clay pigeon shooting with a bunch of friends. Er indoors organised it and it is a present from the family folks in Australia.

All in all, it is a fairly radical thing for me to be doing as usually, I 'don't do guns' however, at 50, I have been reliably informed, one can start to do as one I am branching out and giving it a go - I hope (and so do all the friends we have invited), that I am better with a gun than I am at darts - one of them bears a scar on her leg where I once missed the dart-board. I wonder if the same thing applies.....I get good at darts after drinking a pint and 1/2 of Guinness. If I am a bad shot, I can only presume that I could be better 'drunk' it's not something to try out in a crowd.

I digress.....

Only on my birthday could the gifts include several alluding to religion/death:
7 Deadly Sins Chocolates
6 Bastet Cats (why 6 all at once? Why?)
A Coffin Cake - you have seen it....if not, scroll down to the previous age related post.
A tryptich Buddhist icon celebrating (as far as I can tell) the Lotus Sutra and the sermon in the clouds....

There were also:
4 Talking boxes....3 with messages from friends and the other stating "That Was Easy!" Also acquired were several books - the earliest dated somewhere in the 1700s and the favorite being 'Muffin the Mule'. The 'Old-Lady-Pants' were an interesting pre-need aspirational item, the pot with beautiful glaze also doubled as a musical instrument...(I had to blow it just to see), flowers and bottles will sustain the memory of the days of celebration for a while to come. The balloons will deflate before the excitement wears off and the cards will gather dust. I must email thanks to all and sundry. Please note, the blog gets first bash at the thank you one else will understand it!

I wonder how long the rocks will stay on the hill.......


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Shooting clays is a fun way to while away a few hours. Enjoy yourself.

CJ xx

Steph said...

Happy Birthday!

Annie Wicking said...

Oh how could I have missed your 50th do... Please forgive me.

And there was me thinking it must be in about 10 years

Happy birthday, my dear friend...((hugs)) and kisses,


Antler said...

Seems to be a good one - despite the cough!