Friday, 10 October 2008

Measuring Up

There has been a good deal of measuring up in recent days, or has it been just measuring down as we wonder quizzically what Iceland has done with the vast investments entrusted to their banks by UK Local Authorities!

Icesave said that they weren't involved in the 'Sub-Prime-Market' - what is happening in this curious world?

Daniel Defoe, said in The Political History of the Devil, 1726:

"Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed."

Measuring is simpler by eye I suggest - but I am wondering, is it only the Mortician in me that can tell what size coffin you would fit in, just by looking at you?

At this rate, no one is going to be able to afford to die, let alone travel in taxis!!


Annie Wicking said...

I've been following the news with wonder and amazement. The thing that stands out to me is the simple fact that greed has a lot to answer for here.

It's one thing to want the good things from life for everyone, but everything has a price. From the fat cats who ran the banks to the family who wants to move one step up the housing ladder, everything has to be paid for soon or later.

Using 'the never,never' as my grandmother use to say means it has to be paid for at some point in time.

I guess, like death that time has caught up with each and everyone of us and now we have to pay in full the good times we had on the never never.

Antler said...

Using 'the never never' is something that I was brought up against....thank goodness for the combined wisdom of 2 generations of women who went through two world-wars. 'Never a borrower nor a lender be' they said....and how right.

Mind you - how do we win as a society, when students start working life deep in debt as 'the norm'? And we are on the 2nd or 3rd generation of 'the unemployed'- who are of course owed a living and health-care....complex issues - I wouldn't want to be in Gordon's shoes for all the tea in China!

I've not met him - he looks like a 6'2"x22 to me........but it's Friday night and I have had two large gins!!!!!

Annie Wicking said...

I'm just glad you can't see me. I would hate to think when we met you were measuring me up for.... a coffin.

As they say, it's not the coughing that carries you off it the coffin they carry you off in.

Having you heard this one, which I'm sure you have.

The man who made it didn't want it.
The man who bought it didn't need it and the man who used it didn't know anything about it...

What is it?

Just something I picked up in my childhood... Sweet child that I was.

Bye for now,

Crystal Jigsaw said...

It has come to light this last week that our local councils have millions of pounds invested in the Icelandic Bank - not really unbelievable I suppose.

CJ xx

Charles Cowling said...

You don't just measure up, I'd have thought, Angie. I suspect you also estimate what you'd have to do to put bit of colour back in our cheeks, whether we need shaving, and the way in which you'd close our mouths in order to achieve a characteristic expression.

But we are all 'guilty' of 'measuring up'. We meet new people, measure them up, categorise them and pop them in a box from which they may never escape. For dead people this is not a prejudicial thing to do, but for live people it can be a great disservice.

Love your blog! Never know where you're going to come from next!!

Antler said...

You know me too well Charlie!!