Monday, 13 October 2008

Lucky lucky lucky...

I've had a busy morning since the 'Missiz' went off to work. I transformed the kitchen - with a lot of help from 'friend-next-door'.

Thing is, that the dishwasher broke - it sounded OK but the dishes were coming out dirty, which clearly wasn't the best option. After it happened half a dozen times, I thought it best to have a change. Mind you, the old dishwasher belonged originally to 'friend-next-door's gran. Then it washed mugs for the workers in 'friend-next-door's' dad's office. Then, it was in 'friend-next-door's' has since lived with me for about 7 years. All in all, it was clearly a machine made to last; (they were made to last in those days!!!) and we were quite sorry to have had to take it to the dump.

I moved the fridge to make room for the new machine, which is as I type, whirring around and doing its stuff for the first time here in its new home. Oh yes - I forgot to say - the 'new' machine has been in my store for a year; it previously belonged to 'friend-next-door's' mum and dad, who 'got rid of it' when they moved house.
So far, it hasn't produced a puddle on the floor - which is of course a brilliant sign!

The freezer - I ought to mention, came from some other friends over the back wall, after it became surplus to requirements; the sink and work-tops came from the chemistry lab refurb at a local college (complete with Bunsen-burner hole). All the cupboards are made or re-cycled. Life is like that here - give and take, share things round. Friend-next-door uses my storage space and in exchange, puts things my way. It makes for a comfortable existence, no frills and no H.P.... in our little community, to have endless 'things' simply in order to impress the neighbours, has the exact opposite effect.

I consider that we are very lucky; life is good and so are the friends we have the honour of sharing it with. I have pity on those with complicated lives who consider that they are judged on what they have, rather than who cares about them.

Oh - and you can forget the previous post about an 'expensive' Eco-pod coffin, don't you think it would be more in keeping for me to have a re-cycled pine box? I recon I could probably russel-up enough friends to carry it - save paying the 'dismal men'!


Charles Cowling said...

Yup, lived-in is best where furniture is concerned. And it's good to have appliances that have served an apprenticeship first.

How about your grave, Angie? Are you going to go for a pre-owned one (lifted and deepened)?


Thank you for your beautiful comment. I will take what I can on board.
Kind regards Kirsten

Antler said...

What, me in a grave Charlie?
Not me mate....not outside in the cold. Jar on the hearth next to the fire thanks, or even better, on one of the bookcases.

Seriously - cremation - nice and warm AND inside!!!

You forget my agorophobic roots. I would seriously haunt anyone who buried me!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Your idea of a pine box sounds sensible enough. I guess you never fall out with the neighbours then.

CJ xx

Annie Wicking said...

Great to hear you do a bit of recycling. As they say everything can have a second life if we can just use a bit of

Best wishes,