Friday, 24 October 2008

Friends Thesis....

I have just spent a good part of this afternoon reading through (not all - yet) the Doctorial Thesis by my friend Kyro Selket.


It is a document I devoured with an outpouring of many emotions - pride in the epic proportions of the task accomplished and humour at the individual 'take' on the approach. It is a document that I know Chris Quigley would like to read.........!

I guess you will have to click and engage in dialogue with Kyro re: her work.

The way in which Kyro speaks about trying to gain access to the funeral premises which she was trying to research, past the conventionally suited, conventional people who worked within them is something speaks volumes about the general 'nice greyness' of the 'Western Funeral Directorate' and Charles would heave a great guffaw if he read Kyro's words. Hooray for her, a proud self confessed Butch Dyke who 'fits in or fits not' - depending on the hue of the grey and the blandness of the mentality she constantly challenges - simply by being present.

I am proud to have been in the 'presence' that is Kyro, at the Death Conference - DDD7 at Bath University in 2005.

It was a very, very good conference; yielding not only Kyro, but my Spouse ('er indoors), who was there as the NSW National Trust cemetery expert and one other, who is now a friend of us both and indeed our doggie. Importantly, this latter conference friend is the person of superior knowledge who I consult on matters of enlightenment....
Who would have guessed that Bath University would come up trumps like that!

Back to Kyro though......she is so worth it!

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French Fancy said...

Don't you have an interesting profession? Have you seen the tv series Six Feet Under? It's one of my favourites but I suppose you see it through different eyes.

anyway I come to you via black boxes and it's been nice to pop in. Come and see me.